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Hamilton Ride for Refuge

We had our Hamilton Ride for Refuge wrap up meeting last week and I was able to get some feedback on the lunch which included chili and sausage on a bun (see attached picture).  Since I was not able to be there this year due to my surgery, I was curious to know how everyone enjoyed the Oktoberfest sausages that we bought through you from Country Meat Packing.  The verdict was they were great!!!


The Hamilton Ride for Refuge raised $93,000 of the total $1.9 million nationally raised for charities that work with the vulnerable, displaced and exploited people both locally and globally.  The team that I was part of raised almost $7500 for Micah House, a refugee claimant home in Hamilton that welcome and provides resources for newly arrived immigrant refugees from all over the world. If interested, you can read more here.


I want to thank you for your part in making the RIDE a great success this year, and for the great service and charity price you offered us for the sausages. I’m sure I’ll be in contact with you for next year’s RIDE.  If you have any suggestions on ways CMP would like to be more involved in the RIDE next year, we’d love to welcome that.  We’re always looking for ways to cut costs for the RIDE with donations and great charity prices.


So again thank you so much for blessing the RIDE this year.


‘Til next year,
Jeri Batterink

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